[Platinum Video] Bulletz – Better Way | @IAMBULLETZ

Born in Inglewood, CA, Bulletz has been locking down the streets from block to block. When he moved from Inglewood to Charlotte, NC, Bulletz knew his life would change drastically. To him, music was the biggest influence in his life, and he began to hone his skills and develop a style that listeners can identify with. This “coast to coast” style created a unique sound that is sure to appease the masses. Bulletz combines streetwise lyrics with an up-tempo delivery and now he presents us with the outcome.

Releasing his newest single “Better Way”, Bulletz exercises his ability to draw in a listener. With the help of his bass-bumping production by D-Boi out of Atlanta, GA, and the incredible direction from Shotbydj, this visual is of high-caliber quality. The hook and chorus of the song are catchy enough to not sound too repetitive. Bulletz does a great job of demonstrating his lyrical creativeness and ability to incorporate real-life experiences into his music. Make sure to keep up with Bulletz and all of his latest music by following him on Twitter at @IAMBULLETZ and his website www.IAMBULLETZ.com.

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