DJ Geez, The Club King teams up with Briana Nicole on his new single “Right Now”

DJ Geez, born Glen Simmons has always had a strong love and passion for music. The Music Artist, Producer, DJ started developing his musical skills at an early age while exploring and experimenting with may different instruments through the local church. DJ Geez has helped create some great songs by writing for people and from his diverse knowledge and wisdom in music he gained over time. DJ Geez learned The cello, saxophone, electric guitar, the drums, and most importantly for his career; the piano. These were some of the instruments learned by Dj Geez, which carried over into the phenomenal talent we know him as today. Winning the hearts of family members and neighbors. No matter the occasion or event type, DJ Geez knows how to read the room, and get the crowd going. DJ Geez fans have tagged the star DJ’s events on social media, and they always are having a great time. A DJ Geez event will make you get out of your seat and dance with lots of testimony and proof from his rapidly growing fanbase.


Since hitting the scene in 2010, DJ Geez has amassed a following of fans that are well familiar with the young DJ’s body of work and infectious personality. While maintaining a humble side to himself, DJ Geez has garnered the name “The Club King” in the Philadelphia region due to his notoriety and DJ abilities. Day by day, the DJ Geez brand is growing globally. DJ Geez mixes have been played on Shaquille O’ Neal’s radio station Shaq-Fu radio format since its inception, giving DJ Geez a well-versed international audience. DJ Geez knew, that putting enjoyment into people lives was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and he knew that music would be the vessel in which it could be done. Since starting, DJ Geez has come a long way! As he moved around in Philadelphia establishing himself as one of the most talented up-and-coming DJs around, he was able to get books for major events like festivals & concerts. DJ Geez also had DJed for many high-profile clients including the opportunity to DJ state property Peedi Crakk and hall of fame Shaquille O’Neal on Shawfuradio radio station. DJ Geez has also DJed for several popular artists such as YG, French Montana, Chinx, Uncle Murda, Slimm 400, and many more.

2015 proved to be a big year for DJ Geez. DJ Geez DJ’d for popular artists such as YG, French Montana, Chinx, Uncle Murda, Slimm 400. Currently, DJ Geez has worked with artists Peedi and Freeway from State Property and he’s opened shows for major music recording artists such as Meek Mills and Rick Ross. In addition, DJ Geez has performed in Philadelphia’s Independence Day Show in Center City, Philadelphia and he works for Silent Philly traveling from state to state sharing music. DJ Geez has the ability to spin 90’s Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Electronic, Reggaeton, Contemporary Hip-Hop, Classic Soul, and much more.  This versatile DJ has man hundreds of thousands of people dance throughout his career with his superb DJ abilities, and with fans from New York to Los Angeles and now Colombia, DJ Geez has become a name synonymous with great music. In 2019 DJ Geez became a hip-hop artist with music out on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud & Tidal called “Whine It Up” feat. Briana Nicole, DJ Ant Liva, and “Right Now” featuring Briana Nicole.

There is a lot more to come from This Superstar. DJ Geez is blowing up fast. DJ Geez has the talent and drive to thrive in his industry. Through investing his time to learn and perfect his craft; DJ Geez’s hard work is paying off ass he transitions into Superstar life. Fast forward to now and DJ Geez has worked with many notable organizations and clients.  DJ Geez has been featured on many news and publications such as 50 Cent’s platform This Is 50, Hip Hop Weekly, The Hype Magazine, Gen Z Hip Hop, VoyageLA, The Clout Magazine, All Hip-Hop, Aaron Reflex, ItsBizKit, and several more. The energy that DJ Geez brings is unmatched because he puts his heart and soul into his craft. DJ Geez has a real passion and respect for art and everything that he does. DJ Geez never has given up and right before our eyes he is evolving into the superstar we know him as today. From local church boy to globally known and respected superstar. DJ Geez is a devoted amazing talent. Connect with DJ Geez on social media!