Young upcoming rapper Lex G. Casper releases his “Anything is Possable” LP on the worldwide web. The ATLien rapper’s music library includes “Lex Vs. Casper, Now We Ballen, and Just the Star. T,” Lex G. will probably be one of the greatest artists- just give it time.

Lex G Casper

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East Coast Rapper, Your Friend Jaden releases his latest single, “Perspective”


Your Friend Jaden is a 14-year-old artist coming from the rural parts of New Jersey. At the age of 12, Jaden begins to have an interest in music and starts to play the guitar. Playing the guitar piqued his interest in other genres of music including Metal, HipHop, Alternative Rock, and Indie music. 

Your Friend JadenOriginally, Your Friend Jaden strives to be a singer and would consistently write songs that were not good enough in his eye. Suddenly at a moment, he’s drawn to rapping instead of singing.

In February of 2019, Jaden finally decides to rap and dives deeper into Hip-Hop and Rap. He would listen to artists ranging from Eminem to Tyler, The Creator. 



Your Friend Jaden has always had a passion for making music that isn’t the traditional sound that you would hear on the radio. His goal is to offer his fans something different from what other rappers and singers are doing. Often, Jaden makes music that will test the limits of his creativity. He wants to be known for something that will change people’s lives and the way they view the world. The eccentric part of him isn’t surprising because he has always felt like he was a little different than his peers. Most of his childhood, he tried to fit in with other kids- he eventually gives up and just begins to be himself. 

Your Friend Jaden has a pretty good chance to meet his goals. All the things such as- getting what he wants in his life and reach that goal no matter what. Even though Your Friend Jaden is a young artist, he will continue to enjoy his craft, make good music and hopefully, it will bring him success in his future.

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International Recording Artist, Young Saint Nick teams up with Canadian producer Victor Ardene on latest single, “Gold” 

Young Saint Nick was born in Newmarket and raised in the studio. At the age of 16, YSN penned some lyrics and gave his best shot on the mic. It was a hobby until he met his partner in crime, Victor Ardene. The young producer’s interest piqued at the age of 15 and Victor decided to attend college, where he was in the top rankings of his whole class. The partnership was a God-send because Young Saint Nick lacked the knowledge and skills needed for his newly released project. At that moment, they re-recorded/re-mastered every track on the mixtape “Raised in the Studio.”

The self-titled song appeared on the mixtape, which debuted on YSN’s Soundcloud and Youtube accounts. “Raised in the Studio” – a creative metaphorical semi-fictional story about Young Saint Nick’s upbringing in the studio- was created during the compilation process of the project. During this time, the dynamic duo pumped out original music that was getting good responses. After their first song, “Moving On,” they dropped it on an eight-track album across 150 music platforms.

At that time, YSN proved that he is a contender in this game. He started developing his musical technique quickly which could be heard in his delivery. In his own right, he was beginning to surpass some of his idols like Eminem and Nonstop mainly because he studied their lyrical punchlines and dance styles. With his natural touch and work ethic, YSN has been told by fans that they would rather watch him than Nonstop.

Young Saint Nick worked hard to get to where he is, and it’s safe to say he’s on his way to reaching much-aspired fame. Only time will tell where his extraordinary work ethic will take him. Connect with Young Saint Nick to watch his journey.

Young Saint Nick


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